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Are you contemplating a party or function at your private residence? Are you a foodie and you just want to impress? We can help make a difference! The Linen and Fork team are highly experienced in planning and providing delicious lunches, corporate events and special occasions with that little bit extra. We deliver to your address and if required, help you to present a wonderful event! Check out the suggested menus below.

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Heidi’s professional, thorough and reliable approach to private catering brings a healthy, handcrafted and delicious mix of food that demonstrate considerable thought and perfection for every type of occasion.

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Heidi’s professional, thorough and reliable approach to private catering brings a healthy, handcrafted and delicious mix of food that demonstrate considerable thought and perfection for every type of occasion.

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Our Meals


$4.50 per item Minimum order 12 pieces per canapé

  • Carbonara tart, Linen and Fork relish, parsley crisp
  • Spinach fritters, almond labneh, preserved lemon
  • Corn cakes, avocado, lime, shallots, chilli jam
  • Peking panko chicken rice paper rolls
  • House smoked salmon, nori, avocado, soba noodles
  • Falafel sausage roll, siracha, pickles
  • Cherry tomato galette, mustard seeds, goats curd
  • Duck galette, 5 spice, ginger, hoi sin
  • Charred flatbread, chickpeas, spiced tomato, herbs
  • Saffron, pea, provolone arancini
  • Shitake mushroom, shallot, water chestnut cigar, black vinegar
  • Roast BBQ pork buns, plum sauce, sesame
  • Toasted brioche, house smoked salmon, cream cheese, cornichons

Servers (6-8 guests)

  • Whiskey cured house smoked salmon with fresh horseradish cream $135
  • Thyme and garlic fillet of beef, Café de Paris butter $155
  • Roast chicken, quince, rosemary, toasted flaked almonds, stuffing $95
  • Miso baked salmon, Asian herbs, sesame, citrus $155
  • Barramundi pie, fennel, white truffle oil, tomato relish, mixed leaves, lemon $115
  • Slow cooked lamb shoulder, preserved lemon, spices, sesame paste, parsley $135
  • Glazed ham, smoked honey, linen and fork marmalade $95
  • Baked cauliflower, black garlic, lemon, chickpeas, tahini, herbs $85
  • Vegetable cannelloni, basil, cashew ricotta $85
  • Australian cheeses, cracker selection, dates, grapes, quince $85
  • Fresh Seasonal Fruit $75

Finger and Triangle sandwich platter, 3 types, 30 pieces $125

  • Poached chicken, avocado, celery, herbs, walnuts
  • Smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, dill, lemon
  • Curried egg, mayonnaise, chives, sprouts
  • Roast vegetables, feta, sage, thyme
  • Roast turkey, cranberry relish, camembert, cucumber
  • Smoked leg ham, tomato relish, swiss cheese, butter lettuce
  • Falafel, tabouli, hummus
  • Tuna, nori, sesame, kewpie, cucumber

$15.50 each
$45 Serves 4
$62 Platter Serves 6-8

  • Roasted carrot, barley, tahini, goats cheese, raisins, walnuts, chard
  • Pearl cous cous, preserved lemon, zucchini, sweet potato, currents, herbs, almonds
  • Broccoli, parmesan, pine nuts, zucchini
  • Green vegetables, fresh orange, mint, feta, toasted maple seeds
  • Brown rice, broccoli, sesame, daikon, ginger
  • Freekeh, halloumi, blistered tomatoes, gremolata, rocket, almonds
  • Pumpkin, lentils, quinoa tabbouleh, sunflower seeds, spinach, labneh
  • New season potatoes, herbs, fried capers, sherry vinegar
  • Torn cos, shaved parmesan, pancetta, poached egg, anchovy, garlic sour dough
  • Roast vegetables, salsa verde, mozzarella, rocket
  • Maple baked pears, toasted walnuts, pickled beetroot, shaved goats cheese, radish

Homemade baby spelt buns, truffle butter, herb butter, cultured butter
$6.50 per person, minimum 12.
(GF available, VG butters available).

Individual - $9.50
Sharing (serves 6-8) $55.50

  • Brisket, shiraz, portobello, thyme
  • Chicken, eschalot, rosemary
  • Spiced lentil, pumpkin, mint
  • Mushroom, truffle, chard, potato

Individual $9.50
Sharing (serves 6-8) $55.50

  • Pancetta, relish, crème fraiche
  • Spiced roasted cauliflower, preserved lemon, goats cheese
  • Pumpkin, mustard fruit, sage, parmesan
  • Chard, fetta, mint, leek
  • Leek, goats cheese, thyme, watercress
  • Roast tomato, red pepper, herbs, parmesan

Cream horns

Filled hand rolled caramelised puff pastry:
$5.50 per Cream Horn. Minimum order 6 per Cream Horns

  • Spiced gingerbread, pear, candied walnuts
  • Vanilla bean, strawberry, custard
  • Lemon curd
  • Chocolate cream, hazelnuts
  • Rose water, pistachios, Turkish delight

Petit Fours

$4.50 each Minimum 12 pieces per Petit Fours

  • Glazed chocolate brownie, rose petals
  • Mini jam doughnuts, cinnamon sugar
  • Mini doughnuts, saffron drizzle, pistachio praline
  • Passionfruit melting kisses
  • Scorched custard tarts
  • Raspberry, vanilla, almond galette
  • Chocolate, nought, caramel tarts

Servers 6-8. $85.50

  • Baked Chocolate tart, berries, vanilla dust
  • Citron tart, burnt meringue
  • Baked cheesecake, ginger crumb
  • Devils chocolate, chocolate buttercream
  • Cherry, vanilla, coconut
  • Vanilla, white frosting
  • Callabaut 70% torte
  • Gingerbread bunt, caramel drizzle
  • Orange Syrup, cream cheese, figs, pistachios
  • Apple pie, calvados, almonds, cinnamon, currents
  • Linen and Fork signature fruit cake

Frosting, Flowers, Candles and Sign

  • Small - Serves 6-8 (17.5 x 17.5cm) $95
  • Medium - Serves 10-16 (20 x 20cm) $125
  • Large - Serves 20-30 (25.4 x25.4cm) $185

Prices are GST exclusive. Delivery charges are not included in these prices. Prices subject to change with seasonal variations.

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