Christmas Sweeties

All made here with love, care and classic simplicity

Sweet Delights                                                            

Gingerbread people
White Christmas logs
Christmas nougat
Fruit mince tarts (min 12)
Cherry cranberry coconut ice
Christmas macarons (min 6)
(Mixed fruit, gingerbread, coconut cranberry) Box of 6

Decorated Linen and Fork Christmas Cake
Bite sized (min 12)
Large 190mm

Traditional Cloth Pudding
Med 1 kg
Large 2 kg                                                                            

Pudding Accompaniments
Vanilla bean custard 325ml
Hard sauce 325ml
Brandy custard 325ml

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Pick up 24th Dec

Ham / Turkey
Glazed ham smoked honey, L&F marmalade 2-3kgs
Rolled turkey breast, sage & cranberry glaze approx 1kg

Salads / Vegetables
Rosemary roasted potatoes
Roasted pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot maple syrup, pecans
Green vegetable, fresh orange, mint, toasted maple seeds
Quinoa Tabouleh
Christmas Superfood salad, with cranberries and pistachios

Med serves 4
Large serves 6-8

Tomato chutney 325ml
Mustard fruits 325ml
Preserved pickled lemons 325ml
Smoked honey, marmalade glaze 325ml
Cherry apple sauce 212ml



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