Our Offering

Fresh, Classic, Safe, Handmade

Our food is freshly made and free from preservatives and colouring. We cater to everyone no matter what the dietary requirements may be for your event. We make everything from scratch using only locally sourced wholefoods, that can individually packaged, and personalised for your guests and event.

Our individually tailored lunchboxes are compact and convenient, and deliver sophisticated corporate catering to Brisbane, Australia.

Local foods, classic, simply cooked

With very few exceptions, we source our goods largely from within Brisbane. One of our favourites is working with the many dedicated, small, local food producers from the Rocklea Markets.

The influence of our food is very much ‘classic, simply cooked’ however we are very skilled in presenting food that is akin to your specific influence or region. One of our favourites is the Mediterranean but we are equally at home creating food that is of Asian descent. Regardless of your wishes, our passion for stocking the cupboard with an ever-bursting array of different food, will always be present in our kitchen.

Healthy and safe

In this day and age, we are also very conscious about the need to be healthy and safe. We practice all the right techniques for food safety and maintain a strong Food Safety Program at Linen and Fork.

Our Chefs

Heidi lives for classic, healthy food and Linen and Fork is an expression of her style.

Heidi Cowley

After qualifying as a Chef at the top of her class, Heidi went on to complete her apprenticeship under the fabulous guidance of Matt Moran at Morans restaurant. Heidi then went onto London for many years working across a range of high profile restaurants as Head Chef.

Qualified Chef, Author, Magazine Contributor, Nutritionist

The call for home became strong! Heidi returned to Australia five years later, and continued to develop her extensive experience as a freelance recipe writer and published author, as well contributing regularly to a variety of local and international magazines. These included all the early editions of the CSIRO Well Being Diet books as the principal recipe author, as well as high profile magazines, such as Vogue and House. Heidi was also a regular contributor to a weekly column in the Sydney Morning Herald.

For the past 8 years, Heidi has immersed herself in the catering industry, both corporate and private, across Australia and Hong Kong. Heidi worked as Head Chef with a boutique Catering Company, Relish, in Hong Kong before returning to Australia again to work at All Courses Elite Catering alongside the famous Samantha Joel. During this time, while raising her family, Heidi studied nutrition and food coaching, offering clients a balance between delicious flavours and healthy foods for all types of tastes!

Heidi’s professional, thorough and reliable approach to corporate catering brings a healthy, and convenient mix of small scrumptious bites that demonstrate considerable thought and perfection for every corporate occasion.

For Angie, there was really no other choice but a career as a top class chef.

Angela Luxton

Angie grew up in Northern NSW helping her parents grow fresh, local produce on their farm. They were the original ‘farm change hipsters’ of the 70’s, supplying local produce to the community. Angie’s grandfather, Harry Luxton, would arrive on Christmas day with beautifully smoked legs of ham in one hand, and Sydney rock oysters (from his oyster lease) in the other. Travelling trips from Sydney to the farm would always be a long run affair, stopping at every farm stall to investigate and invariably, purchase, another basket of fresh produce. What a life!

Angie Luxton has worked with many Australian award winning chefs & restaurants. Angie started working in local tea houses, bistros & restaurants in all aspects of hospitality, before moving to Sydney to complete the last year of her apprenticeship at Morans Restaurant, Potts Point, Sydney. This proved to be quite an experience! Working under the tutelage of the wonderful Matt Moran, and alongside Heidi Cowley (nee Flett), it quickly became both a highlight and proud moment in her career. Angie then went on to work with the esteemed Merivale’s’ Executive Chef to help create the ‘BOND’ Restaurant. Proudly, another highlight was to follow with the award of the restaurant’s very first ‘chef hat’ by the Sydney Morning Herald.

Since then Angie has travelled throughout Asia with her young family, immersing herself in the local flavours of traditional Cantonese & Macanese cuisine. From local Dia Pia Dong’s of Mong Kok & Temple Street to the spicy flavours of Sichuan and Hunan provinces in China – these are some of her favourite dishes.

How could you walk past Chairman Mao’s Red Pork, Sichuan Chilli Chicken or Salt & Pepper Wok fried Whole Bay prawns or the more traditional comfort food of Hainan province and Singapore ‘Chicken Rice with ginger & shallot’?! When living in Hong Kong Angie had the opportunity to train with the famous native HK Hong Kong Chinese cooking master Martha Sherpa. Along the way, Angie has picked up strong influences and cultural flavours from the wonderfully diverse countries of Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Canada and the USA.